These students have used traditional textbooks for 12 years and it has not aided in their retaining the information. 


Using a textbook forces the student to learn the material linearly, in a prescribed order. Typically the students are required to work through sections that they know very well, but rush through sections with which they are struggling. When students come to Math 100, they each have a unique background and past experience with learning math. Forcing all of these students to simultaneously progress through a regimented textbook is not as helpful.


ALEKS serves as the textbook for Math 100. When students work in ALEKS they are working out the typical textbook problems of a hardcopy textbook, but with the advantage of extra support per problem. If a student needs help with a particular problem, they may click on “Explain” to see the problem fully worked out with a verbal explanation. When they return to the practice problems, they will be given a similar problem, but not identical.