In this course, we are able to hold class meetings using a virtual classroom, complete with virtual whiteboards, chat, audio, and video. Although the class meetings are held online, the teaching staff and the students are online at the same time, and are interacting throughout the entire meeting period, several times a week.


Students are given a very specific, individualized and structured program which includes: daily homework assignments that are individualized based on the student’s progress and placement goals, required online attendance in a virtual classroom where they interact with their designated teaching assistant each class period, and weekly assessments. With a ratio of ten students to one teaching assistant, we have created a smaller and more individualized classroom that happens to be in a virtual environment. 


During the virtual classroom meetings, students work one-on-one or in small groups with their teaching assistant for several hours each week. In this environment, students are required to interact with their teaching assistant to work through problems together, as well as to keep a digital portfolio of their written mathematics work, which is graded regularly throughout the semester.