If you did not place into a higher math class, you have a few options: You can re-take the Math 100/100AX course next semester and try to place after a little more review and help. Students that choose this option often have more success when they do place into higher math classes. You can try to take the placement exam through the testing center for a fee. This is completely separate from the Math 100 course, and uses a different pie in ALEKS. (Please note: taking a test through the Testing office will not affect your grade in Math100/100AX). There are only 160 topics in this pie, but there are bigger gaps between topics. You can sign up for a placement exam through the testing center at: http://testing.arizona.edu . You can check with your local community college for comparable math courses. Although there are no courses that will transfer to replace Math 100, you can take an in-person class and then take the UA placement exam when you are ready.